Fliers trapped in Jet plane for 2.5 hours


The passengers of a Jet Airways flight from the city to Jaipur want the airline to apologise because, they claim, the co-pilot spoke mistruths about not getting clearance from the air traffic control ATC, which resulted in a 2.5 hour delay in take-off. They allege that the real reason for the delay was that there was no senior pilot in the cockpit.

The carrier, for its part, maintained that the flight 9W 416 (Mumbai-Jaipur) was delayed due to ‘operational reasons’, without elaborating further.

Advocate Mehmood Abdi, a frequent flier and vice-president of Rajasthan Cricket Association, said, “The flight was scheduled to leave Mumbai at 6.30pm but it was grounded as there was no senior pilot (first officer) available. All along, the second officer (co-pilot) and the crew kept lying to the passengers that non-clearance from ATC was the reason for the delay.”


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