Fix it or heads will roll, Raju tells Air India


Frequent delays and angry customers have made Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati ask Air India (AI) to fix all short-haul aircraft not in flying condition by March 2015. Flights have been delayed by as much a day!. For instance, a Pune-Delhi flight was 24 hours behind schedule in early October.

Raju recently called a meeting of all AI heads including CMD Rohit Nandan and JMD Nasir Ali to explain why the airline’s flights were mostly never on time. The high numbers of grounded aircraft was given as a main reason apart from merger of flights and overbooking.

Air India Engineering Services has been warned to fix these air crafts soon or suffer serious consequences and job loss.  AI has a fleet strength of 108 planes and about 20% are grounded as opposed to the 5% acceptable norm for the number of airlines being being serviced at any given time.

Musafir Namah Bureau


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