First look at SpiceJet’s new ‘Red-Hot-Spicy’ uniforms

GURGAON: Low cost carrier SpiceJet is going in for an image makeover with its strong workforce switching to a Redder, Hotter and Spicier new uniform beginning starting February 6.

Spicejet‘s new pilot and cabin crew uniforms

The uniforms retain the carrier’s signature red colour largely while incorporating some unique and flamboyant designs to infuse boldness and style.

Inspired by the airline’s image of Red.Hot.Spicy, the new range of uniforms has been introduced to enhance the glamour and style quotient while keeping the youthfulness and the elegance intact, says a release.

Spicejet‘s new uniforms for the airport staff

The new range includes a unique design for each department specifically stylized to suit the different seasons and time periods like summers, winters etc.

For instance the summer wear for the female cabin crew will include a one-piece dress.


They will be attired in a short shift dress, cut and sewn and detailed with accessory elements like a sling bag and box heels; for service, besides a pinafore inspired apron. Whereas men will be paired in a formal three-piece suit inclusive of red waistcoats and white shirts.

Female crew uniform

Laced up oxford shoes have been introduced keeping in mind the ease and comfort of the user. With the unique colour scheme in place, droves of the cabin crew will be seen in sharp tones of red and black, reflecting the youthful persona of the airline.

The range for the pilots’ squad includes a single button slim cut black suit for men. For the on-ground staff, women will be wearing a button back blouse in white and red polka dots with skirt suits in red, while the men will be in black slim cut single button suit with red trim detail on the white shirt collar.

The engineering department on the other hand will be seen in smart casuals in signature polo t-shirts with a utility jacket.

Male crew uniforms

Debojo Maharshi, CMO, SpiceJet on the occasion said, “It is all about the experience and everything that meets the eye while being on-board or on-ground influences the brand image.

The new range of uniforms have been meticulously designed to amplify the brand values of SpiceJet while giving a more contemporary look in line with the global standards. Besides the aesthetic appeal, attention has been invested in ensuring high quality standards to ensure comfort for the users.”

The new dress code has been created by SHIFT who pioneers in creating and evolving a premium fashion and lifestyle business.

Launched in Mumbai and promoted by the celebrated designer Nimish Shah, Shift has been associated with several industry awards including Vogue India Fashion Fund & Grazia International Next Glam Award this year.

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