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Finally, govt wakes up to save Everest House


Everest House, the iconic home of Sir George Everest, after whom the world’s highest peak is named, might soon get a fresh lease of life. At least, that is if what the state government is promising comes true.

The majestic house, which is currently in a pathetic state – TOI had recently reported on how its interiors are in a mess and cattle roam freely inside – seems to have finally caught the attention of government officials.

On Wednesday, Dinesh Dhanai, tourism minister of Uttrakhand, visited the iconic geographer and surveyor’s house and announced a number of plans concerning the building.

“We are looking at starting a museum inside Everest House soon. A portion of the estate has also been leased out for adventure sports activity like hot air ballooning which will start shortly,” Dhanai told TOI.

Confirming that plans were being firmed up to restore the house where Everest did most of the work on the Great Trigonometric Survey of India (which was responsible for demarcating the boundaries of British India) Umakant Panwar, secretary, department of tourism, said that “although nothing has been finalized, we are in the process of identifying conservationists who can take up the work of restoration.”


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