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Fancy a flight on soaring kite

The cold winds proved to be a blessing in disguise for professional kite flyers who were camping in the lawns of Golden Jubilee Park near Old Yamuna Iron Bridge for the last three days.

Celebrating the Delhi Tourism’s 3rd International Kite Flying Festival, the national and international kite flyers painted the sky in rainbow shades with their colourful creations in different shapes and sizes. While a Kathakali dancer kite was seen sharing the sky with a Superman kite, a hand-painted Tom and Jerry kite was seen flying along with colourful birds and Indonesian cartoons.

“It is surprising to see so much creativity in kites. All we had seen so far were the usual kites that are available in the local markets. Plus, it feels something else when you see foreigners taking interest in a sport that you feel belongs to you. I never knew that people in UK and the USA fly kites,” says Moksh Kumar, a student who spent two days admiring the colourful international creations.

Full report here Asian Age


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