Experts back buses for daily travel

The Pune Metro Project (PMP) will gain steam now that the state government has approved the project, but transport experts insist that the city must also concentrate on an efficient bus transport system to achieve sustainable and environment-friendly public transport.

For one, a strong bus transport will complement the metro as a feeder service. For another, buses have a clear advantages over other forms of transport. Experts said it reduces costs and pollution, ensures better use of personal time, is good for mental health, increases road safety, and if planned and managed efficiently like it is in cities like Mumbai, is convenient.

Last month, the state government decided to go ahead with the metro rail in Pune. Besides 50% of the total project finances from the state, Centre and the local bodies, the state will raise the remaining half of the project amount through loans. This model is similar to what was suggested by the former director of Delhi Metro, E Sreedharan, and the Mumbai metro project.

The Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) documentation on bus transport has rooted for bus transport. “While the metro rail is shaping up in a few cities, the bus system is more common as a primary mover of people. A bus occupies twice the road space taken by a car, but carries 40 times the number of passengers. Buses can displace anywhere between five and 50 other vehicles and allow enormous oil and pollution savings,” the document said.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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