Experience the high-tech taste of dining out

Gone are the days when you had to go through each and every dish on a laminated but mutilated menu card at a city restaurant. Soon you can place orders for your favourite dishes from a digital menu card. Triassic Solutions Private  Ltd, a company based in Techno Park, Thiruvananthapuram, has launched Smart Serve, a tablet device installed with a software that can be used as a digital menu card.

According to the developers, it includes a web browser-based display accessible through an external or internal network for people in the kitchen and for those at the billing or doing business planning to see the orders, for changing the cooking status, for printing the bill or for knowing the statistics of the business.

For placing orders, one has to select a dish on the menu and click on it. Soon, a brief description, including the ingredients used to prepare it, is displayed on the screen. When the order button is pressed, the preparation  is displayed  with table number on a TV screen placed in the kitchen. As the chef prepares the food, live visuals from kitchen depicting the different stages of the cooking procedures are transmitted to the tablet on the table.

Full report here New Indian Express


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