Coffee drinker’s guide to Europe, top 10 countries

There are many of us who cannot think of their morning routines without coffee. The whiff of coffee brewing in the morning liens up many a half asleep brain cells. The love of coffee has spawned big global brands like Starbucks, Barista and Cafe Coffee day besides many local favorites. But everyone knows that coffee tastes better in Europe. And in Europe it has to be France that has the most coffee. After all its called the ‘French Press’ right?

Well no.

It’s actually the Finns. An average Finn drinks 1,310 cups of coffee per year – more than three and a half cups a day says research and data firm Statista’s Consumer Market Outlook. Comparing European countries, its report reveals where in the continent the love affair with coffee is the strongest. And as to the French, they do not even come in second- its the Swedes who have an average yearly consumption of 1,070 cups.

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Infographic: Europe's Top Ten Coffee-Drinking Nations | StatistaMusafir Namah Bureau


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