Ernakulam-West Kochi circular ferry services from tomorrow

The State Water Transport Department (SWTD) is gearing up to introduce circular ferry services from Ernakulam to West Kochi from Monday.

But none of the services will touch Kamalakadavu jetty, located next to Fort Kochi bus stand, despite growing demand from passengers in the sector.

The department has been shy of operating trips to the jetty. It even went to the extent of stopping the ‘Green Express’ service that plied up to the jetty from Ernakulam till a few years ago, despite sound passenger patronage.

By availing of this service, regular passengers and tourists commuted from the city to the tourism hub in just around 15 minutes, since the boat was faster than regular ferries. With ferries now ending their trip at Customs Jetty, passengers are forced to either walk about 1 km up to Fort Kochi or take an autorickshaw.

Full report here Hindu


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