Emirates seeks more rights to get A380 to Delhi


Emirates Airlines, the largest foreign carrier in terms of market share in India, has said it will need more bilateral or flying rights to operate the Airbus A-380 to Delhi. UPA II gave Dubai an additional 11,000 weekly seats in its last days in office after which Emirates started the A-380 to Mumbai. “We will need more flying rights to operate the aircraft to Delhi,” said Essa Sulaiman Ahmad, Emirates VP (India).

The Dubai-based mega carrier has 65,000 weekly seats to and from India, making it the largest foreign airline here. It operates 185 weekly flights into 10 Indian cities. The airline gets more passengers from non-metros than the metros. “Our aircraft occupancy in metros is an average 81%, whereas in the non-metros it is 93%. Our overall aircraft occupancy on India routes is 88%,” said Ahmad.

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