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Travel to east Europe for best bargains this summer!


The wish to head to dream destinations abroad and doing it within one’s budget satisfactorily are a traveller’s bane. Well, the third annual TripAdvisor TripIndex Room Service report, which compares the cost of hotel room service items in 48 popular destinations around the world, has been released.

Sofia, Bulgaria offers the best value for Indian travellers this summer when it comes to the common incidental costs while staying in a hotel, according to a cost comparison report released today by TripAdvisor, carried out across 48 destinations selected to be included in this study.

The report compares the cost of hotel room service items in 48 popular destinations around the world. The study takes into account: the cost of a one night stay in a four-star hotel, a club sandwich ordered through room service, the dry cleaning of one shirt as well as refreshments from the mini bar.


“Hotel prices can vary a great deal across destinations even when comparing like-for-like amenities, so it pays to shop around to find the best deal. Hotel room rates, for example, can vary between travel agents hence using the price comparison tool on TripAdvisor can be a great way to find and book a good deal,” commented Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India.


In Sofia, the combined cost of a night in a hotel, based on availability on TripAdvisor, along with room service comes to an average of INR 6068.36 – more than four times cheaper than at the costliest destination, New York, where the average hotel price on TripAdvisor, plus room service amenities, totals INR 26317.03.

Head to Eastern Europe for a bargain

This study highlights the wide range of prices that can be found in destinations around the world, for example, from the destinations included in this study, Europe boasts six of the world’s 10 best value destinations (Sofia, Kiev, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague and Moscow), yet is also home to six of the world’s 10 most expensive, with Scandinavian cities dominating in particular.

London revealed as third priciest destination in the world

Despite the fact that many London hotels offer bottled water complimentary to guests, the 2015 TripIndex Room Service report places the capital third place in the most expensive destinations league table, after New York and Zurich.

In London, on average a club sandwich will set travellers back INR 1497.83, a mini bottle of vodka costs INR 805.12, a can of cola is INR 263.54, a packet of peanuts is INR 380.56 and it will cost INR 601.29 to dry clean a shirt. However, it’s the cost of the room itself that makes London such an expensive destination compared to its global rivals. One night’s stay in a four-star hotel costs an average of INR 17541.97 in London – the second most expensive destination in the world for hotel rates after New York City.

How does India fare on the global scale?

Our very own Mumbai ranks 19th among the least expensive cities with the combined cost of a night in a hotel, along with room service coming to an average of INR 9919.90. Beijing, Cape Town, Istanbul turn out to be less expensive than Mumbai where the cost of a room night would be INR 7975.25.

The international TripIndex destination list is comprised of key destinations from 48 of the 50 countries which receive the largest number of international visitor arrivals (data compiled by the UNWTO, 2013).

Within each hotel selected for the study and where the item was available, the prices of the following items were identified by telephoning the hotel and asking for prices of:

Room service:· Club sandwich

Mini bar:· Bottle of water, Peanuts, Mini bottle of vodka, Can of cola

Dry cleaning: One shirt

Prices shown specify the average cost (taken from a minimum of four hotels and up to ten hotels within each destination), collected from the top ten rated four to five star hotels in each destination featured on the TripAdvisor website. The top ten rated hotels were ranked according to the TripAdvisor Popularity Index. Hotels were selected from the TripAdvisor Popularity Index between 30th January and 6th February 2015.

Prices of all basket items were sourced from each hotel whenever possible, before average prices were calculated. Costs include sales tax and service charge, where applicable.

Prices were taken in local currencies between 5th February and 11th March 2015 and currency conversion rates were taken from on 3rd March 2015.

Room service: Room service prices specify the average cost of a club sandwich or the closest substitute item.

Mini bar: Mini bar prices specify the average cost of one 500ml bottle of water (if not available pro rata costs were calculated), one packet of peanuts or the closest substitute item, one regular can of cola or closest substitute and one mini bottle of vodka or closest substitute (pro rata costs were calculated if mini vodka was not available).

Dry cleaning: Dry cleaning prices specify the average cost to dry clean one shirt or the closest substitute (such as wash/iron shirt).

Hotel room rates: Room rates specify the average cost of one night’s stay in 4 and 4.5 star hotels in each destination between 1st June – 31st August 2015, aggregated from booking partners, including online travel agencies and direct hotel suppliers.

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