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Dudhsagar: Goa tries to protect its ‘Sea of Milk’


It almost featured in a James Bond movie. Now, the very existence of Dudhsagar, Goa’s grandest waterfall and a major tourism attraction, is in peril due to a series of dams neighbouring Karnataka plans to construct and Goa is desperate to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Literally translating into “Sea of Milk”, Dudhsagar almost featured as a backdrop to an early action sequence in the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall, where the British spy, engaged in a fist-fest atop a train compartment, gets accidentally shot and falls into the raging torrent below. While the waterfall, located about 90 km from Panaji, was shortlisted for the sequence, logistical issues forced the film’s makers to move to an alternate location in South Africa.

Missing out on a Bond film was a setback alright, but the threat of a waterfall that has been pounding the basin below for thousands of years and supplied several villages downstream with water all-year round, the threat of drying up is something else altogether.

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