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‘Double decker’ roads may add to traffic woes

The chaos of Delhi’s clogged and crazed roads is set to multiply after the ruling Congress party announced plans to build new “double-decker” highways to ease traffic congestion. Campaigners have criticised the plans and said the government should first try to enforce existing traffic rules to stop some of the world’s worst driving before launching a disruptive road-building programme.

Delhi’s road-traffic congestion is caused by “zig-zag driving”, drivers ignoring red lights and straddling two lanes to keep their options open, and blocking roads to turn right. Unpredictable auto-rickshaws and animal traffic including elephants, camels, and wandering cows compound the problem. This chaos has played a part in making India’s roads the most dangerous in the world.

Last year the World Health Organisation said India had more road deaths – 105,725– than any other country. In almost 80 per cent of cases, poor driving – often by drivers who have not passed a test – is to blame.

Read the full report here,  Telegraph Asia


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