Domestic tourism up 20 percent

Domestic tourism grew by about 20 percent in 2012 while foreign tourist arrivals saw a rise of six percent, the Ministry of Tourism said here as it released the statistics for 2012 Tuesday.

“The number of domestic tourist visits to Indian states and union territories registered an increase of 19.87 percent in 2012 as compared to an increase of 15.6 percent in 2011,” said a statement issued by the ministry.

“In 2012, the number of domestic tourists was 1,036 million as compared to 865 million in 2011 and 748 million in 2010,” added the statement.

Andhra Pradesh was the most preferred destination among domestic tourists with 206.8 million people visiting the southern state followed by Tamil Nadu, which got 184.1 million visitors and Uttar Pradesh at 168.4 million.

Full report here Business Standard 


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