DMRC chief issues directions to address few recurring issues

DELHI: The recent spate of snags in the Delhi Metro has prompted its chief Mangu Singh to issue a series of directions to address a few recurring issues.

Singh has reviewed the operational issues of the over 200-km-long network and identified the trouble spots, mainly pertaining to signalling and power supply, a senior Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) official said on February 19, reports PTI.

Automatic Train Control (ATC) cards, which is a speed control mechanism on board trains, and Train Interface Computer (TIC) cards, failures of which have been a major cause of service disruption, are being replaced.

“The module failing the (ATC) card has been identified and spare modules are being procured. The module will be replaced on all cards as a preventive measure. TIC cards will be replaced in the next six months,” metro chief spokesperson Anuj Dayal said.

Singh has also focused on Track Circuits which are electrical devices used to detect the absence of a train on tracks and inform signallers, another trouble area, especially on the Dwarka-Vaisahli/Noida City Centre corridor or Blue Line.

Copper cables of the system have been replaced with that of steel to prevent theft in certain areas of the network while Relay Boards, that open or close an electrical circuit, are being replaced in many stations.


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