DGCA lets small airlines keep flying


In a move that has brought relief to least 80 airline companies with 4,000 jobs between them, the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has backtracked on its recent proposal that airlines have at least three aircraft in their fleets.

DGCA had in the last month given small airlines one year to boost their fleet to three aircraft.

DGCA sources said that the aviation regulator had been contemplating the amendment in the rules because of safety issues. DGCA believed that many small operators with one or two aircraft did not had enough funds to maintain their aircraft. DGCA was of the opinion that any operator with enough finances to operate at least three aircraft would be able to take care of safety issues better.

However, private aircraft operators said that DGCA wanted the amendment because it does not have enough staff to do safety checks, and cutting the number of operators or aircraft would reduce DGCA’s workload.


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