DGCA grounds AI, GoAir planes for safety issues


Aviation regulator DGCA has grounded three aircraft belonging to GoAir, Air India and a private non-scheduled operator after they failed scrutiny in a surprise safety check.

An Airbus A-320 of owned by GoAir was grounded for a number of loose and improperly fixed screws and bolts of its right-side air-conditioning panel. These could have caused a dangerous safety situation in flight. The aircraft’s door seal for its nose-gear too was found to be not properly sealed besides the aircraft manual, a mandatory document for pilots on board was out of date.

An A-320 owned by Air India was grounded for not carrying out a mandatory second check of the cowl or covering of the right-side engine that was repaired for a dent several weeks earlier. The plane also had damaged and torn carpets on the interior. This could possibly make passengers trip or obstruct their smooth movement, especially in an emergency situation.

An 18-seater CRJ of non-scheduled carrier AR Airways was also grounded as it life-raft container panel was found jammed. Additionally, two cabin crew members did not have proper training.

DGCA chief Prabhat Kumar confirmed the grounding of the three aircrafs and said that the airlines have been asked to explain these defects. He added that that these aircraft will be released only after these defects have been rectified. He told PTI that the defects found in all these aircraft were “substantive” in nature which could significantly affect air safety.

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