Devastation tourism puts strain on Vizag resources


Devastation tourism in on the rise in Visakhapatnam with many people coming to the state to just see the damage done by Cyclone HudHud reports Times of India.

The arrival of these tourists is putting a further strain on the city bare necessities supply. No water pouches would do for these persons from Orissa and Chhattisgarh, they are all gulping down bottled water.

According to K Narayan, proprietor of a popular hotel near Sagar Nagar, “Many of these people are tagging along with those who have come to help the people of Visakhapatnam and these hanger’s on are up to no good. They are simply running around the worst hit areas.”

However, not all tourists agree with this point of view, KC Bhattachary a resident of Guwahati noted, “We are not here for the pleasure of watching the people of Vizag. We are here basically because till yesterday, getting a taxi out of this place was turning out to be a humungous task. Most probably, I should be Kolkata by Friday afternoon.” However, the locals are not too happy.


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