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Despite floods, Kashmir still allures Bengali tourists


Ignoring all rumors and fears, Supriti Daas from Kolkata visited Kashmir along with her family members for holidaying.

While in Srinagar, she was surprised at the hospitality and the warmth shown by the locals who have just suffered one of the worst floods in over a century, reports Rising Kashmir.

Along with family of Supriti Das, 30 other tourists from five families arrived in Srinagar on this week and are staying in a local hotel, Pandit Palace in Srinagar’s Khayam area.

Khayam is one of the main tourist areas in Srinagar where many hotels and guest houses have come up over the past few years with the increase in tourists’ influx to Valley. The area was also inundated with floods for over two weeks.

“We were committed to visit Kashmir. We had been planning for this visit for many years. But this year the news of the floods had really made us upset. There were many rumors in Kolkata about Kashmir’s floods and post-flood epidemic. We were really scared to come but now we are happy that we visited here. Gardens are good and there is more fresh air here than what is there in Kolkata,” said Daas.

Almost 90 per cent of the total bookings for October have been cancelled after flood ravaged Kashmir. Many hotels have also been affected.

However, to ensure comfortable stay for tourists after floods, hoteliers have used all the manpower to clean their properties and surroundings.

Supriti Das who visited Mughal Gardens is happy with her decision not to cancel her tour plans to Kashmir. It was Daas family’s first visit to Kashmir which they did not want to miss at any cost.


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