Delhi keeps kites flying on Independence Day


Every Independence Day in Delhi, you have the late sleepers, the travellers and finally, the movie and mall goers. But despite all of the above, each year, you can also find a small group of people who still hold on to the desi Dilli tradition of flying tricoloured kites on Independence Day. Till some years back, the terrace parties with large groups of people dancing to Bollywood’s only kite song, Dheel De from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, was pretty routine.

While they might be reduced in some parts of the city, there are still some popular kite flying zones, which not only accomodate the locals, but also draw people from other parts of the city coming down for ladaoing penches.

This Independence Day, DT finds out the hottest patang zones, where people will still be having desi terrace kite parties, the changing dynamics of the hobby and the nostalgia associated with it among people who prove that kite flying on August 15 will never die out among the true Delhiites.Difficult but worth it.

Read the full report at Times of India



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