Delhi cops bust rail ticketing scam

Even as Indian Railways struggles with plugging the holes in its ticket booking system,crooks are devising newer ways to mess with it. Delhi Police has busted a racket that sold tickets and to 4,000 people in a span of three years.

The group thrived by catering to people who needed urgent or last minute tickets. These people were sold the railway tickets at thrice their price. the group manged this by booking the tickets two -3 months in advance, but under different names. “For example, for Holi which falls in March, the accused would book ticket in January. For Diwali in November, the tickets will be booked in September. The tickets were booked in random names and in all age groups – mostly 25 to 40. Some of the tickets were booked for six people keeping in mind families travelling to Bihar while the others were for a couple or a single person,” said addl DCP Joy Tirkey.

When the customers approached them to book their tickets, they took their details and used software like editing pro and Photoshop to edit the scanned soft copy of a genuine voter card which was to be shown as identification document to be shown to the TTE on the trains.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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