We are a deeply immoral society: Josy Joseph

HYDERABAD: The world is heading towards a digital era, with corporate giants, top businessmen and politicos adapting to it, even welcoming it with open arms.

But the same digital platform can inadvertently work against them and open up a can of worms of their scams and misdemeanours, pointed out author Josy Joseph, who predicted exciting times ahead in investigative journalism, reports The New Indian Express.

While speaking at a panel discussion titled ‘India on Sale’ on Day Two of the Hyderabad Literary Festival, Joseph presented a deep analysis of his book ‘A Feast of Vultures’, in which he provides unimpeachable evidence against some of India’s biggest business houses and political figures, thereby unearthing or reopening major scams/scandals that have shaped its political narratives.

“Inadvertently, big companies have uploaded documents on digital platforms. So these are exciting times for investigative journalists in the country,” Joseph stated.

The journalist-turned-writer is of the opinion that everything in this country is for sale, as long as you find the right middleman for the right job.

“We are a deeply immoral society. The Indian political class is like a mafia, where they keep everything within themselves. It’s ironic that Prime Minister Modi speaks of black money when his own party was elected to power with the help of crores of black money,” Joseph bluntly expressed.

Jet Airways, India’s second largest airline company, has filed a Rs 1,000 crore defamation suit on Joseph after he revealed in his book about the alleged links between the airlines and fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

Not one to back down from a fight, Joseph has welcomed the tussle in court, stating that he has enough evidence to back up his claims. “I have only quoted from government files. I have nothing to fear. I am fighting this fight also because I want to see whether truth in itself is a defence in this country,” he shared.


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