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‘Dabolim airport will be saturated by 2018’

Even as a section of Goans continue to protest against the proposed greenfield airport at Mopa, civil aviation secretary K N Shrivastava on Tuesday said that the need for a greenfield airport was justified, because the new airport terminal at Dabolim would get ‘saturated’ by 2018.

Speaking at the inauguration of the new terminal building on Tuesday, Shrivastava said, “The old terminal had a capacity to handle 3.5 million passengers per year, and the upgraded terminal can accommodate 5.3 million passengers annually. According to our projections of the growth of tourism and subsequent air traffic in Goa, even this new terminal will be saturated by 2018. Dabolim being a defence airbase, with no available land for further expansion, Goa will require a new airport.” He added that he was “keen to dispel all misgivings against the impact a new airport at Mopa may have on Dabolim”.

Full report here Times of India 


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