Customise your trip to Andhra now

Customised tour packages seem to be the way to go, at least for Andhra Pradesh tourism. From caravans resembling mini houses that could take you through the best of Andhra Pradesh’s landscape at your own sweet pace to stops at random Hyderabadi Biryani outlets, AP tour packages are now all about getting it right for their customer.

“Everyone has different interests and priorities when it comes to touring, and they don’t want to be pushed into pre-planned packages. This is where customisation becomes important. We will design a tour package according to the budget needs of the customer,” said Sumeet Singh, executive director of Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC), who was in the city for a road show on AP tourism on Friday.

The APTDC has installed a toll-free number to help the customer with the itineraries and other details. The Tourism Corporation has also acquired Innovas and other small vehicles in addition to the standard buses. In the middle-class budget category, the customisation process offers pick-ups for the passengers from railway stations and other modes of transport according to their choice.

Full report here New Indian Express


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