Curtains come down on Hornbill festival


Curtains came down on the ten-day long Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, also coined as the Festival of Festivals, with a glittering closing ceremony as thousands of visitors, both domestic and foreign, matched steps with the unity dance of 16 Naga tribes performed in background.

Nagaland Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, C Apok Jamir said the main purpose of the festival is to showcase the rich Naga culture in all its splendour, wonder and diversity, reports Business Standard.

A total of 2,43,111 tourists, which include 114 foreigners, 19969 domestic and 2,22,000 local visitors witnessed the coming together of the 16 major tribes of Nagaland displaying the unity through the diverse culture.

Over all there had been a rise of 70,709 visitors to the Hornbill festival.


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