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Cruise co Lake Lucerne appoints Indian rep


Switzerland-based cruise and historic tour company Lake Lucerne Navigation has appointed Rayomand Choksi as its India representative. Choksi currently serves as the regional director for Titlis Cableways. He will manage the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company in addition to this role.

Choksi informed that LAke Lucerne offers several types of cruises. “The Indian Dinner Cruise can be a popular one for India. It will operate between April to September 2015. This boat can accommodate up to 180 people at a time,” he said. The other interesting product is an hour’s panoramic sightseeing trip on the Saphir (Panorama-Yacht), which has a yacht-like look.

On this boat, one can learn about the history of Lucerne, the mountains around it, and the lovely castles and villages that dot the Lake.” Passengers can also travel on board the Wilhelm Tell Express, a boat-cum-train, from Lucerne to the Italian Riviera of Lugano or Locarno, he informed.

“The Company also runs scheduled steamships connecting the tiny lakeside villages, on what has been described by Mark Twain as the most beautiful lake in the world. One can also try the various culinary cruises i.e. the Fajita Cruise, the Breakfast cruise, the Lunch Cruise, the Sunday Brunch Cruise, the Fondue Cruise, the Raclette Cruise, or even a Chocolate Tasting Cruise,” Choksi added.



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