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Competitors should try to beat me commercially: Chandilya


airasia-mittucThese are hectic days for AirAsia India CEO Mittu Chandilya, with his airline due for launch on June 12. ET Magazine caught up with him just before he was about to board a flight to Singapore for a “quick meeting”. Chandilya tells ET about AirAsia’s game plan and how he plans to meet the ambitious targets he has set for the airline. Edited excerpts:

Your launch on June 12 seems sudden…

We’ve been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking our strategy to get the cost structure right. We’ve actually had multiple dates for launch. Operations-wise, we’ve been ready for some time. If you had noticed, there was a silence of a week after we got the permit (on May 7). We were contemplating different launch dates. We prefer a low season. Many people prefer peak season. But we would like to think and act differently.

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