CIAL plans new ILS to reduce flight diversions

KOCHI: In a move that could significantly bring down the number of flight diversions, Cochin International Airport Ltd (Cial) airport have now installed the instrument landing systems (ILS) in the western end of the runway, which will now allow pilots to land flights from the western side of the runway.

ILS provides precise radio signal navigation to the aircraft cockpit, giving the pilot vertical and horizontal guidance when landing in low visibility, reports The Times of India .

Currently, Cial has ILS set-up of the east end of the runway. They have completed the set-up and calibration of the new ILS and are now awaiting the approval of the directorate general of civil aviation. They expect it to be operational by the end of February.

Airport officials said that having the ILS at the western end of the airport has been a long-standing demand of many air carriers flying into Kochi from Mumbai, West Asia and Ahmedabad.

Presently, these flights have diverted towards the eastern end of the runway during low light conditions.

Having ILS on the Western end will help these flights save fuel.

Cial officials said that they spent around Rs 3.5 crore to scale up the runway lighting system to aid the flight landing from the western end.


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