Check out the best & worst airlines in India

Flying is no longer a privilege thanks in no small measure to the presence of low-cost airlines such as IndiGo, SpiceJet and GoAir that sell tickets at low prices, often forcing even full-service competitors like Jet Airways and Air India to follow suit. But flying is yet to become mass market; less than 5% of Indians travel by air.

For that we need more than the five airlines (six if we include Jet’s offshoot Jet Konnect) that we have, more and better-run airports and of course, cheaper tickets. That said, all indications — statistics, predictions and chaos at airports — are that more and more Indians are travelling by air. In that context and with the holiday season upon us, this is a good time as any to find out the most preferred airlines, the performance indicators that anoint them thus, things people carry on board and the like.

Full report here Economic Times 


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