DELHI: One of India’s leading hospitality chains, The Lalit has just opened a new resort hotel in Delhi NCR.

The all-suite The Lalit Mangar is located just south of Delhi, off the Faridabad Gurgaon highway. The resort is located deep inside the Mangar Bani Valley, just off the Faridabad Gurgaon road.

The Lalit Mangar is crafted on a narrow 3.78 acre extremely rocky land with natural gradients. It is designed to blend into the natural scenic beauty of the Aravali.

Architecturally, the resort resembles a cascading village moving with the natural contours from courtyard to courtyard in an organic manner. The resort’s natural topography slopes downward to a ravine.

The Lalit Mangar is positioned as “an experiential 5-star hotel that offers apt space to come and observe your city from the edge”. Home to about 6 lakh trees, in an area of about 677 acres, the valley acts as an oasis of retreat for the city dwellers.

Among the notworthy features at the hotel is use of rammed earth architecture. The hotel is designed with natural raw materials like earth chalk and gravel in layers, explains Dr Jyotsana Suri, Chairperson & Managing Director, Bharat Hotels.

The walls at the resort are a combination of rammed earth and stone cladding from those found at the site. Here, overlooking the ravine at the end of the resort

The unique rammed earth architecture uses raw materials like the earth chalk and gravel in layers. The fifteen inch thick walls are insulated, remaining cool in summer and warm in winter.

Each wall is different in pattern, shade and colour as a result of individual person working on that wall and soil mix generated in that wall.

Rammed earth is non-toxic, non-polluting and breathes. Researchers have proved that rammed earth to be extremely durable and weather resistant. “It took us longer to use this method, and this is the first and only hotel in India to use this style,” says Suri.

Termites and other pests simply aren’t interested in rammed earth. There are no cavities in walls for pests to live in or to use it as a route to the roof or other timbers. The hotel has been designed as a continuously cascading village street working as per the natural contours of the site moving from courtyard to courtyard in an informal organic manner.

The low rise Lalit Mangar is designed for indulgence and relaxation. Sun bathe for hours, experience rural activities or head for natural therapies at Time Reversal Spa at The Lalit Mangar.

Unlike the other Lalit Hotels, which have the Rejuve Spa, here the Time Reversal Spa is managed by Dr Mosaraf Ali, an expert of Integrated Healthcare, whose list of celebrity clientele includes Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar and many royals from around the world.

However for the adventure seekers, there are activities like rock climbing – under expert guidance, cycling and well planned picnics amidst the valley are available.

For the active, there is a gym, fully  equipped with Life Fitness equipment.

lalit mangar bed
The beds in the rooms incorporate the east Indian textile pattern of kantha in the headboards and throws. Note the cute stuffed toy, which you could take with you, as a memory perhaps?

Among the ways in which the resort integrates is neighbourhood is the sell products produced locally. The AUM Shop within the resort has an assortment of handicrafts, art & craft, semiprecious jewels, and other souvenirs.

A major attraction post sunset is star gazing. Away from the city’s light pollution, the skies put up a grand show each night. Use the handy telescope to see the scars on the moon, or even the faraway stars.

The wellness cuisine theme continues in the restaurant, where guests can indulge in a multi cuisine buffet or a la carte at this all day diner.

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