Chaos at Delhi airport, over 500 passengers stranded


Around 500 passengers of budget carrier SpiceJet were left stranded at Delhi’s IGI airport after three flights were delayed due to non- availability of planes.

Angry over the delay, two passengers allegedly had a scuffle with the airline staff. The passengers who allegedly assaulted the airline staff were denied boarding. According to sources, the airline is also exploring other potential action, reports IBN.

“We do not delay flights on purpose, we do everything in our power to accommodate impacted passengers and make amends. But assaults on staff can never be tolerated. They are doing their jobs,” airline Chief Operating Officer Sanjiv Kapoor said.

The planes were stuck at other airports due to bad weather and a medical emergency. “One of the aircraft was held at Bagdogra due to bad weather in Kolkata and other was delayed at Madurai due a medical emergency on board. So the combine effect was long delays,” the airline said while acknowledging inordinate delay of its three flights.


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