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Chaos at airports globally due to check-in systems crash

LONDON: Air passengers faced problems at airports across the world computer check-in systems crashed due to a “network issue”.

Passengers endured long waits at check-in desks at airports in London, New York, Australia, Paris, Washington, Singapore, South Korea and South Africa and other countries due to check-in systems crash, report agencies.

The problem involved Altea software used by 125 airlines. Flights at some airports were delayed due to the outage.

The problems in Altea software affected check-in services at airports and on internet browsers and mobile apps. However, the software developer said their experts have identified the problem and are “gradually” restoring services for the affected airlines.

According to internal media, air passengers faced problems during check-in at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick, Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Zurich, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Changi in Singapore and Washington DC’s Reagan Airport.

Heathrow Airport also confirmed that airlines at terminals 2, 3 and 4 have been experiencing systems problems.

“Amadeus confirms that during the morning, we experienced a network issue that caused disruption to some of our systems. As a result of the incident, customers experienced disruption to certain services. Amadeus technical teams took immediate action to identify the cause of the issue and restore services as quickly as possible. That action is ongoing with services gradually being restored. Amadeus regrets any inconvenience caused to customers,” IT firm Amadeus, the creator of Altea software, said in a statement.

Passenger Tyrone Kennedy wrote on Twitter: “Systems down in Gatwick just hope it’s not another #wannacry can’t check in at the mo.” Another passenger wrote of Singapore’s Changi airport: “Alert: Whole Changi airport check-in system down.”

A Lufthansa passenger wrote: “Looks like @lufthansa’s computer system is down. Hope I can still get home today.” There is no report of cancellation of flights from any airport. However, some flights were delayed at Lufthansa airport due to the crash.


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