Celebrating Tamil culture and folk history


The two-day Auroville and Puducherry Village Heritage Festival to celebrate the culture and folk history of Tamil Nadu kicked off with fervour on Saturday.

Children from villages surrounding Auroville danced and played showcasing the traditional sports and art forms of their villages. From bullock cart ride to kho-kho, Sillampattam, Kotipul, Thayam and many games were played at the festival venue.

Mohanam Center for Culture and Heritage, under the Auroville Village Action Trust, with support from the Department of Tourism organised the festival to promote the rich cultural heritage and folk history of Tamil Nadu.

Traditional millets including foxtail, pearl, barnyard and little millets were displayed at the stalls.

The herbal plants grown around Auroville region was also on display. Women from the Sanjeevi Nagar, Annai Nagar and Alankuppam showcased the crafts made of recycled paper, ceramic, terracotta, bamboo and crochets. They treated the visitors with hot traditional food like bondas, kelvaragu adai.

These are many art and craft units in the neighbouring villages. The villagers had the opportunity to exhibit their works and sell them to the visitors.


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