Can India be more attractive to tourists?

As the best-selling cliche goes you don’t visit India to discover the country, you visit India to discover yourself. And for many decades now this nation has helped wanderers and lost souls from distant lands washing up on its shores find their true selves. Or something of the sort. But perhaps that is so because India does not make it easy for one to discover her, throwing challenges at those who visit her right from the start. The first test would be navigating the gateway to this wondrous and mystical land — the Great Indian Airport.

However, once the bags are off the carousel and in the boot, it’s not hard to see that India does indeed have everything going for her, as made clearly evident in the slick ‘Incredible India’ tourism campaigns over the years. From some of the world’s tallest mountains to deep blue oceans, from Bond’s Udaipur to Bourne’s Goa and a heritage that would provide enough footage to fill all of Discovery Channel’s programming for the year.

Full report here Economic Times 


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