Call of the white desert


rann-of-k430The writer describes the lure of the Rann, a cross between a photoshopped work of art and a fun fair.

As we drove through the arid landscape of the Rann of Kutch, our driver narrated an incident from the night before. A young man from Tamil Nadu entered the drivers’ tent. He had arrived by train that morning and had hitchhiked his way from Bhuj Railway Station. Having spent all his money on the train ticket, he was seeking a place for the night. His wallet was empty; he wasn’t worried about his living arrangements, he said — a cot under the stars would do just fine — and he could do without food for a day or two. It was his burning desire to see the White Desert once in his lifetime, so here he was. Could anyone give him a lift to the Great Rann the next day?

“Someone offered him a ride to the check post,” said Bawaji, our driver. “And all the drivers contributed Rs. 50 each so the man could see the Salt Desert and eventually make his way back home.”



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