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Calangute water sports operators cheat says TSF

Calangute, Goagoa water sports

The Tourist Security Force (TSF) has alleged that water sports operators in Calangute are indulging in large-scale cheating of tourists in the absence of the Indian Reserve Battalion personnel who have been sent on election duty to Maharashtra.

Talking to TOI, Ratan Gauns, supervisor of the Tourist Security Force based in Calangute, said that the workers employed by water sports operators have been taking advantage of the absence of the IRB personnel to fleece tourists, and have also not been observing the queue system. He also alleged that groups of men waylay tourists on the beach and extort money by threatening them.

One tourist who had gone for a para-sailing outing, requesting anonymity, said that he was promised a five minute ride for 500. But when he went up in the air, he was brought down in about 10 seconds and kept a few feet up from the boat and the operator told him he would have to pay more if he wanted a longer ride. When he started arguing, they threatened to dump him in the sea. Fearing for his safety, he kept quiet.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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