Busy 24 hrs for gold smugglers

Five cases of gold smuggling, with a collective seizure of `76.44 lakh, were busted by customs officials at the Mumbai international airport starting late Saturday night. The concealment ranged from rectum ingestion, hiding them in the undergarments, secret pockets and forging them into crude jewellery.

In the first case, officials of the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of the customs caught Syed Mozim Raza coming from Bangkok in Thai Airways flight TG 317 at around 11.10 pm on Saturday with a “crudely made” gold chain. It weighed around 304 grams and was worth `7.49 lakh.

The next seizure was around 2 am on Saturday Mohammed Sharif Jafar Ali landed from Dubai in a Jet Airways flight. Upon frisking near the green channel, he was found to have fastened five gold biscuits around his waist with the belt on his jeans. The biscuits weighed around 583.2 grams and are worth `14.37 lakh.

Full report here Asian Age


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