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Bus, taxi, auto to cost more with new taxes


Long distance travel in the country is set to cost more with the latest hike in taxes on luxury and non luxury buses by the transport department. The department notified the moved recently. New taxes will also be levied on pilgrim special buses.

With the new tax structure, a non-luxury bus will have to pay tax of Rs 12 for every 10 km it runs every month as opposed to Rs 10 for the same distance earlier. This means that bus owners will have to pay about Rs 29000 as taxes as opposed to Rs 25000 earlier.

Buses ferrying marriage groups will have to pay Rs 600 a day as opposed to Rs 2.5 per km. This may actually work out to be cheaper for long distances. Pilgrim special buses too will have to pay Rs 180 per seat as a monthly tax.

Taxes for other public transport mediums have been increased too. Autos will now pay Rs 90 now as opposed to Rs 40 earlier while taxis (7 seater) will pay Rs 300 instead of Rs 100. A taxi for 13 people will pay Rs 240 instead of Rs 100 now.  Taxis running on will pay Rs 700 per month.


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