Bus fires cost pvt buses, public buses gain

The recent fires on Volvo buses managed by private operators has pushed up the volume of passenger traffic on Volvo services  of the state transport corporation. Private operators are also strictly implementing luggage norms to avoid carrying hazardous material.

“These incidents have hit our business as passengers are afraid,” said Venkatesh N, in-charge of a private bus service. He added that they have strict norms for carrying luggage. Mysore has an IT major’s training centre and when its trainees return, they carry a large amount of baggage, “We’re trying to impose a ban on this in future to prevent mishaps,” he said.

Another operator, Mujaheed, claimed a 30% decline in business. His agency operates a Volvo bus service from Mysore to Andhra Pradesh every day. He said passengers are assuming it’s unsafe but insisted Volvo buses are indeed safer and comfortable. “There have been plane crashes and railway accidents, but people still travel by them. Why are people hesitating to use Volvo buses?” he asked.

However, it’s been a blessing for KSRTC. BV Srinivas, KSRTC divisional controller (rural), said there’s been a 15%-20% increase in demand for government-run Volvo buses in recent times. Mysore KSRTC depot has 78 Volvo buses, of which 12 go to Bangalore on daily trips, some to several parts of the state and also to Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Read the full report here, Times of India


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