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Brits death: Travel business fears fallout


The death of a British couple in a city hotel due to alleged overdose of prescription medicines has jolted the city’s tourism sector as the incident has garnered unwanted attention both in India and overseas. The ease with which drugs can be accessed in the city has come under scrutiny of late. Experts are of the view that the incident can further dent the diminishing foreign visitors’ inflow to the city during the peak tourist season, which is widely believed to be between September and March, reports Times of India.

James Oliver Gaskell, 28, and his wife Alexandra Nichola Louise Gaskell, 24, residents of Birmingham in the UK, were found dead probably due to drug overdose in a city hotel on October 21. Several empty bottles of cough syrup, strips of sleeping pills and anti-depressants were found next to the bodies. The widespread assumption is that the couple had come to the country as “drug tourists”. Gaskell had even boasted about it online about how he could easily acquire powerful medicines from doctors and local chemists. A day before the couple were found dead, he had written on Twitter: “One prescription in India (after you have told the doctor what to write) will take you faaaaaar…”


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