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Bringing the backpacking experience to India


Our country is huge, diverse and offers plenty of hotspots to travel to. With more and more people, mostly youngsters, embracing the ‘Discover India’ mantra, travelling light and cheap is a growing phenomenon. But while we have our army of backpackers ready to rear at the word ‘go’, bad hostel facilities, leaky bathrooms, a scourge of mosquitoes and generally bad security and unsafe locations make the average Indian traveller weary of such economic options. But not anymore.

Catering to this population is the backpacker hostel, Zostel. Started by seven enthusiasts, a mix of graduating students and graduates, the chain of hostels was launched last April and in so far has two properties in Rajasthan.

Telling us more, co-founder Tarun Tiwari says that Zostel was a product of the groups yearning to do something innovative that didn’t make their job seem like a job at all.

Full report here New Indian Express


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