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Booze ban hits tourism in Andamans!

PORT BLAIR: The Andaman Association of Tour Operators (AATO), the most prominent tourism association of Andamans, has claimed that Andamans Tourism is facing the worst phase of its growth.

In his letter addressed to Home minister Rajnath Singh, R Vinod, president of AATO said that the tourism industry is the backbone of the pristine islands providing employment to nearly 75% of the population directly or indirectly, reports The New Indian Express.

“However, lately this sector is facing the worst phase of growth. Some decisions of the administration are hampering the interests of the tourism industry,” Vinod claimed in his letter.

Claiming negative impact on tourism because of closure of bars in hotels and resorts, Vinod said that tourism is the only surviving industry of the islands and is directly related to the livelihood of thousands of residents.

“It’s difficult to bring tourists to the Emerald Island amidst high flight charges, lack of facilities due to existing problems like CRZ etc. Now all the bars in hotels are closed due to the SC’s highway order. We request you to consider denotifying highways,” read the letter.


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