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Biker set to record fastest travel from UK to India


When it comes to long-distance travel, most motorists would choose a car over a motorbike. However, Sushanth Shetty has decided to ride his superbike all the way to Asia, in attempt to set a new record for the fastest overland journey from the UK to India.

The Indian biker, who now lives in London, will set off on October 25 and ride his Suzuki Hayabusa to France, across Europe to Turkey and then on to Iran. At this point the rider will have the choice between heading through Pakistan – if his visa application is accepted in time – or on to Dubai, before ending in India.

This long-distance feat should take Shetty around 15 days on his two-wheeler – provided he can pass through Pakistan, where a police escort would be required – or slightly longer, should he have to travel to Dubai. The rider, who has previously travelled around Europe and Asia said: “I’d always fancied riding a bike from the UK to India and came up with the plan in Bangkok while travelling through Asia.

“I’ve also done a bit of riding across Europe before. But I didn’t think I was cut out for six months or so of riding and ‘finding myself’; I wanted to do it as fast as possible. So I tried and thought about a few different bikes, but it had to be the Hayabusa.

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