Bharathapuzha banks to host art safari

PALAKKAD: Well-known artists from across the globe will get together on the banks of the Bharathapuzha for three days from September 22 to document the vibrant cultures nurtured by Kerala’s second largest river.

Young talents from schools in Palakkad, Thrissur, and Malappuram districts will join a dozen artists in the ‘art safari,’ reports The Hindu

The initiative will be coordinated by George and Smitha of Bengaluru-based Pencil Sauce, an art promotion initiative that engages in community-oriented artistic documentation of culture and heritage.

“The artists will give vent to their creative impulses after meeting opinion-makers, artists, environmentalists, writers, cultural personalities, artisans, painters and performing art experts who live on the river banks. They will capture on canvas everything they see, from heritage homes built over 100 years ago to the majestic art forms of the region,” says Gopinath Parayil of the Responsible Tourism initiative The Blue Yonder, which has envisaged the innovative programme.

“The art works generated during the safari will be exhibited so that the public will appreciate the cultural richness of the river and its banks. The exhibition, along with an auction, will be held on World Tourism Day,” he said. The Blue Yonder plans to utilise the proceeds of the auction to support the Sopanam School of Music at Changaramkulam on the banks of the river, which has so far trained 850 boys and 55 girls in instrumental music for free.

“The school is in need of percussion instruments worth ₹10,25,000. The crowdfunding initiated by The Blue Yonder in recent months was able so far to collect 10% of the expense. The safaris are expected to meet the remaining revenue,” said Santhosh Alamcode, the 35-year-old director of Sopanam, who won a Limca Book entry with the largest Panchavadyam performance by 201 artistes and the largest Thayambaka with 101 artistes.


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