Bharat Parv festival begins

DELHI: The six-day ‘Bharat Parv’, which aims at generating patriotic mood and promote country’s cultural diversity and popularise idea of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat’ (One India Superior India), was inaugurated by Union Minister Mahesh Sharma in Delhi on Thursday, January 26.

“The language, culture, attires, cuisines of people change in India at every 50-100 km. The glimpse of entire India can be seen here at the premises of Red Fort where we have organised the event,” said Sharma at the event’s inaugural session, which was hit by incessant rains.

“We saw the military might of India through 26th January parade today. Glimpse of that too can be seen here at the Parv. I believe entire India has descended here,” he said.

There will also be 11 theme state pavilions where each state would showcase their achievements and initiatives, tourism products and destinations, etc.

The Minister informed that artists from all the seven cultural zones of the country will perform at the ‘Bharat Parv 2017,’ which is open for public from 12 noon to 9 PM between January 27 and January 31. The entry is free.

“There will be stage shows on all six days of the event here. Artists from all the corners of the country will perform here. Besides, there are 36 food courts which will offer cuisines of different types. People of the Delhi will get to know about it,” he added.


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