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Bangladesh to open mission in Chennai

DELHI: Bangladesh will soon open a new diplomatic mission in Chennai.

Official sources from Bangladesh said on Monday that the new post was likely to focus on medical tourism and educational centres that drew thousands of Bangladesh citizens to India every year, reports The Hindu.

“The main focus of the new diplomatic station in Chennai will be to address the needs of Bangladeshi citizens who visit India for medical and educational purposes. Medical treatment, especially super-specialty treatment of kidney, eye and neurological issues available in southern India, is the best in the region, which draws our citizens to India in large numbers. This has helped build a strong people-to-people bond,” said a diplomatic source from Bangladesh. The decision to open the new mission in Chennai, said the official, was taken on Monday during a Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

“We are opening 17 new diplomatic missions across the world, including the new one in Chennai,” said the official, highlighting that the decision on Chennai was part of a bilateral agreement between India and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh at present has a High Commission in Delhi, two Deputy High Commissions in Kolkata and Mumbai, and two Assistant High Commissions in Guwahati and Agartala. The outpost in Agartala was the latest to be upgraded in the past decade.


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