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5 Asian countries make it to most visited cities list 2016

DELHI: While New York, London and Paris are well known for being some of the world’s premier tourist destinations, Asia’s Bangkok pipped them all in popularity stakes in 2016.

The Thai capital got 21.5 million overnight visitors in 2016, the most any city worldwide received as per a report from Mastercard. In comparison, London had 19.9 million overnight visitors, while Paris got 18 million.

Several other Middle Eastern and Asian cities made it to the global top-10 most visited list. Dubai came in fourth with 15.3 million visitors in 2016 while Singapore was just behind New York with 12.1 million.

Dubai also had the highest level of visitor spending in 2016 with visitors spending an impressive $31.3 billion, a considerable distance ahead of second-placed London’s $14.8 billion.

This chart shows the top cities by number of international overnight visitors in 2016.

Infographic: The World's Most Visited Cities In 2016 | Statista

Taneesha Kulshrestha


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