Bangalore posits laughter tourism

It has been almost two years since Tel Aviv-based brother-sister duo, Daniel and Rebecca Ochoa, started contemplating making a trip to India.

The college-goers needed a good reason to spend their vacation so far from home. When they found out that founder-president of Laughter Club International, Madan Kataria, wanted to promote India as a laughter tourism destination — since the country has laughter clubs that number in the thousands — Daniel and Rebecca got a ‘happy reason’ to visit the country this summer.

“The idea of laughter tourism came to us as India there are 2,200 laughter clubs in the country. Bangalore has 220 laughter the clubs — the largest in the country. This makes the city the laughter capital of the country. Even popular travel and tourism websites have a mention of laughter clubs in India,” says Madan, a physician-turnedlaughter guru.

Full report here Times of India 


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