Balaton: Where Tagore was floored


tagore-balatonI keep chanting “Balaton” all through my journey, till I reach Lake Balaton. The lovely blue of the lake merges with the sky, with white swans in the horizon. Colourful boats are anchored in a row while a lone accordionist plays soft music on the lakeshore as the pale golden sun slowly sinks into the horizon.

The largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, a popular yachting and fishing destination and a major tourist destination, Balaton lies between the Danube and the western borders of Hungary. Surrounded by charming villages and pretty towns, Balaton offers beautiful countryside and wineries on the north coast and nightlife on the south. Known to be Hungary’s most popular summer resort, Balaton is also frequented during the winter for ice-fishing, ice-sailing, sledging, or skating on the lake if it freezes over.

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