Are you clued into the new travel lingo?


If travel is all about seeing new places and learning new things, then its language too can’t lag behind. Here are the new terms that global travellers are throwing around as they travel around the world. How many do you know?


Admit it, you have taken one. Owes its origins to selfies, ones taken by a holidaymakers to brag about the exotic surroundings. Typical ‘braggies’ could include a fantastic view from your hotel room, exotic locations and everything else that would make others envious. Hotels are now even offering customers free perks and rewards if they post such pictures on their social network accounts.


Essentially an upgared hostel the for the young, single and restless but also not filthy rich among us. These hostels offer the value of a hotel at a hostel’s prices. Many have modern amenities and luxurious designs and even restaurants, free Wi-Fi and breakfast.


Vacation for the adrenaline junkie. This includes extreme adventure sports like sky diving, bungee jumping from extreme heights, snorkelling with the sharks or kayaking with the whales. Every activity that’s the stuff of nightmares for regular travellers but gets these thrill seekers daydreaming.


Food and vacations go hand in hand. This is a natural evolution when a foodie decides to amp up his or her vacation by framing their trip around local food cultures and that famous restaurant, a three mile hike away from the city. You can spot a foodie taking a cooking class in Positano or peddling around French vineyards merrily biting away on his cheese.


This is the vacation you take when you cant take a vacation. So you do the next best thing and check into a local hotel to get some much needed down time. Room service, breakfast in bread, housekeeping, all make this the best way of escaping your hectic pace for a while.


Holidays for the tech addicted who refuse to book hotels without free WiFi, mobile check-ins, the latest flat television and the like. Some hotels are even stepping  up their game offering bathrooms with mirrors that download music and are even giving away Google Glasses to their guests.

Taneesha Kulshrestha


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